About Us

Hi! I'm Diedre. I grew up in the southwestern US, mainly in New Mexico. As the second of six children, it's a good thing that I have always loved working with little kids and as I got older, I decided to make that my direction of study. I started with an all day babysitting job in high school, then worked at elementary schools and day care centers through college. After I graduated with my Early Childhood Education degree, I took a job working one-on-one in a public school with special needs students. All together I've worked with infants through 4th graders, and it's been so much fun.  While I've loved working with all the different children I've been around, I have developed some definite favorites these days.

 My son Erik was born in July 2011. He is a quiet thinker, you never know what is going on in that brain of his. He often surprises us with the things he knows and understands. After he came into our lives I quit my job to be a Stay at Home Mom (which is really what I've always wanted my career to be). We've been blessed to be able to make this work, though it has meant learning to live on a tight budget. 
My daughter Sharli was born in February 2014. She is spunky and happy and loves anything glittery and girly. She wants to be a grown up, and tries (and often succeeds) to do everything her big brother can do and more. 

My daughter Maren was born December 2015. She is mostly happy with a fiery temper when things don't go her way. She may be even more determined to keep up with the big kids than her big sister, and follows Erik and Sharli wherever they go.
At our house we spend our time playing, snacking, and just having fun, or at least that's what they think. Little do they know that when we play together, I'm busy sneaking learning opportunities in there too (don't tell them, it'd spoil all their fun!)


  1. What about a road trip as a single parent of a 23 month old who doesn't like to sit still for more than two hours in a car. Would your road trip blogs be helpful still or is there any thing different you would suggest? I've never gone on a road trip alone before let alone with a kid. From Tyler to Arkansas (5 hours away) to GA ( another 8) after a few days rest in Arkansas with my sister.

  2. I'm so glad you asked this question. I started to answer here in the comments, but it got a bit long so I made the answer into its own post. Hope this helps! http://weplay2learn.blogspot.com/2016/04/thoughts-on-road-trips-with-kids-as.html