Friday, August 24, 2012

Discovering Textures; Soft

Well, now you've seen a blog post featuring Erik, it's time for you to meet Paisley. I love her big pretty blue eyes!
 Paisley is still pretty little (as you can see), so the type and complexity of activities we do with her is completely different. Babies this age lack the strength and ability to explore the world around them on their own, so you have to bring it to them. They also can only take in a limited amount of information at a time, so for her, just seeing or touching an object is enough to engage her, she doesn't necessarily have to try to do anything with it. Today I decided to focus on exploring textures, specifically Soft. For her tummy time today, I dug through my stash of blankets and found the softest fuzziest one I could and then let her lay in the middle of it for a while. She seemed to really like it, and even managed to get a big mouthful of blanket that she very happily munched on for a while.
 Throughout the day, whenever she wanted to be held, I'd pick up a soft toy and we'd play with it. We'd start out by letting her look at it, and then move it closer to see if she'd try to reach for it. When she was no longer interested in seeing it, I'd rub it on her arm or leg or check and talk about how soft it was. She's too little to understand for now, but it is still good for her to hear language being used every day. It was fun to see how she reacted to the different toys. She did not like to have the fuzzy pom poms in her hand, I think they must have tickled, but she did like to have them softly rubbed on her arms and legs.

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