Friday, August 22, 2014

Color Wheel

I've wanted to do this activity for a long time but never remembered to buy some construction paper. I finally remembered last time I was at the store so we got to have some fun. 
Set up is easy, just tape one sheet of each color of paper to your floor. After that there are several different ways you can play with this. 
First, we just walked and jumped on the colors around the circle, saying the name of each one as we stepped on it. After I was sure that Erik knew all the colors and was fairly familiar with the location of each one I would call out the name of a color and he would have to run to it. We took turns telling each other which color to jump on and he loved it. 

We left  this on the floor, and after a day or two we added a new activity. We went on a color hunt around the house, looking for items that matched each color. It was interesting to discover which colors seemed more dominant in our house. Some of the colors ended up with big piles on them and some we were hard pressed to come up with one thing that matched. 
 Day three we added a circle of tape in the middle to facilitate our next activity. I had Erik stand in the middle with a bean bag in hand. I would call out a color and he would have to throw the bean bag onto that color. This was awesome for firming up his knowledge of the colors as well as working on throwing and catching. 
 Who knew we could have several days of fun with little more than some colored paper and some masking tape. And now we have lots of fun paper to make crafts with in the next few weeks.

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