Monday, November 17, 2014

Observing and Naming Types of Weather

One of the first things we did as part of our Weather Theme was to talk about some different kinds of weather. I pulled out some paper and crayons and we drew some pictures of different kinds of weather then I labelled each one.

 I tried to encourage Erik to help me draw/color the things we were talking about, but he has never had much interest in coloring. I keep trying, but it's just not his favorite thing. He did help me trace his hand for a tree, and then drew an ice cream cone (which is actually the first thing he's ever drawn that was recognizable, so that was kinda fun). He was way more interested in the letters I was using to label things with, which shows he's gaining an awareness of print (meaning he recognizes that those squiggly lines I make when I write have a real world meaning; an important pre-reading skill), and he insisted that his ice cream cone get it's own label.
When we were done drawing our pictures, we hung them on the wall next to our front window, so that we can look outside and compare what is going on outside with the types of weather we've learned about. It was fun to see that after a few days of making a point of observing the weather with him, he started to do it on his own. He would come find me and tell me it was windy, or cloudy, or whatever. Observing the world around us is a key skill for future science learning. 

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