Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Reading Fun: Big Red Barn

The last week of June our Summer Reading was focused around a farm theme, with Big Red Barn (by Margaret Wise Brown) as the main book. Some of our other favorite farm books are Silly Little Goose, The Jolly Barnyard, and Dog Wants to Play.

For our play dough time I had intended to make a bunch of green play dough, but ran out of time. Instead we just reused the dough that we'd been using all month and had rainbow colored farms. I added in a bunch of farm animal toys, and those were a huge hit! Also on the list of Things Planned But Not Accomplished were popsicle stick fences. Oh well.

This week's craft was maybe my favorite of the whole summer. We did process art paintings, using CHICKEN FEET! Okay, not real chicken feet. I made them out of orange pipe cleaners. They were awesome, and the reactions from the kids when I told them what we were going to do were PRICELESS!
Our snack this week was haystack cookies, though with a farm theme you could do any kind of fruit or veggie you wanted.

We skipped the sensory play this week because we got invited to join with the big kids in one of their activities, but Pinterest is full of fun ideas!

For our gross motor play we once again pulled out our awesome Roll and Play game. This time I made cards with different farm animals on them and we did the action for whichever animal matched the color rolled on the die. I made my own using clip art from the internet, but here are some ready made printables you could use.

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