Monday, August 22, 2016

Rice Krispie Sensory Bin

 I don't remember where I first saw the idea of using Rice Krispies as filler for a sensory bin, but it's a great idea! I spread a sheet out on the living room floor to catch the mess, and gave the kids each a plastic tub of cereal and lots of fun toys for playing with. They loved it!
 With a sensory bin like this I love to give the kids toys/utensils that are great for scooping and pouring. It gives them a chance to explore spatial relations (will the amount in this scoop fit in this cup?) as well as hand-eye coordination.
 This citrus juicer is one of the kids' favorite toys. It's fun with play dough or sensory bins, or playing in the dirt. It's also a great way to strengthen those fingers!
 This one kept the kids busy for a long time, I didn't even have to feed them a snack that day! ;)
 This did get pretty messy, but most of the mess was on the sheet and what had gotten on the floor vacuumed up easily.
I love sensory bins! They can be so low-prep and are one of the more engaging things I've found for the kids to play with.

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