Monday, May 29, 2017

Field Trip: Phoenix Children's Museum

 We got to spend a few days after Thanksgiving with our family in Gilbert, AZ. While we were there they took us to visit the Phoenix Children's Museum. It was SO much fun!  ***Warning, lots of pictures coming your way! :) 
 One of the first things you see when you get past the admissions desk is this amazing climber. It is huge (at least 2 stories tall) and full of fun and wacky things to climb over, under, around, and through.
 It was so big that it was not too difficult to get somewhat turned around in there. I was glad we had enough adults to stick with our two older kids so they didn't get lost and panic.
 Once you're all climbed out, you can head farther into the museum to see all the other amazing places to play. Things like this kid size grocery store.
 One of our favorite rooms (and it's pretty hard to pick) was the Texture Cafe. An awesome kid-size "restaurant" where you kids can dress up and create yummy fabric culinary masterpieces. There is a seating area where moms and dads can wait for their meals to be brought to them.

 There was also a little baby area so little sibling could be corralled and entertained while the big kids played.

 In the art studio there are several different art projects the kids can choose to take part in. They had a lot of fun in here!
 The tricycle car wash was super fun. The kids kept going around and around through the whole thing.

 Sharli loved the face painting station, where each kid can paint their own master piece on them self or anyone else they can con into sitting still for them.
 And, if you somehow manage to get tired of the rooms and rooms of fun things to do inside there are some fun and unique play structures outside.

We had so much fun here, and look forward to going back someday!

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