Monday, March 11, 2013

Reading in a Fort

Today was the first day of our Spring break, and it's sure been fun. Erik and I have enjoyed a lazy relaxed morning doing whatever we want. Hubby had to go to work, but we did get to meet up with him for lunch, so it's been nice. 
The best part of our morning was when we decided to build a fort. I decided to go the cheater/super easy route and instead of using a bunch of chairs and the couch to hold up our sheet, I just tossed it over the kitchen table. Tada! Instant fort! Or so I thought. Erik wasn't so keen on hanging out in some semi-dark place where he couldn't see anything else around him. So, we pushed the table into the corner to form two walls, and then left the two remaining sides mostly open. 
I actually moved the sheet out of the way so I could get a better pic of the interior, so just imagine it with the sheet NOT wrapped around the table leg. It still didn't completely cover either side, but it was much more cozy. 
Erik wasn't super excited about hanging out in the fort until I brought over the pile of blankets and pillows. And a pile of books. At that point Erik was sold. He lounged around on pillows and read books for a really long time. It was super cute!
He was not a fan of the flash on the camera and WAS NOT going to smile for it.  Daddy came to get us for lunch and got to hang out in the fort for a few minutes too. 
 Anything I can do to encourage my kid to love to read is a big deal, so we loved this! It was also nice to just spend some time cuddled up with Erik enjoying all our old books in a new way.

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