Thursday, March 28, 2013

Searching for Buried Treasure

I found this idea on a list of baby games on sparkpeople. My immediate reaction is that it's genius! So simple and yet so much fun. And, as you may have noticed if you've seen my last few posts, you can stretch it out and turn it into several different activities. We started with our bowl of wadded paper from our previous bit of fun. Paisley would've been content to just keep playing with the paper. 
We went ahead and took this game to the next level and added a toy (a stuffed monkey) to the mix. I showed her the toy and then buried it in the bowl of paper. She was not real happy about it disappearing and wanted it back. She dove right in after it. 

There it is!
As soon as Paisley got the monkey out of there, she started smothering the thing with hugs and kisses. It was really cute!
"Oh Mr. Monkey, I love you so much. *kiss kiss* I will never let that mean lady bury you in there again *kiss kiss kiss*"

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