Monday, April 8, 2013

A Mess of Colors

 A while back we were looking for something fun to do on a cool, rainy day. I decided it might be fun to give this finger painting business another try. The paint I used with Paisley last time worked great, and dried with a really unique texture, but it can be a little bit hard to wash off. Paisley is NOT a fan of having her hands and face scrubbed, so I decided to look for an easier-to-clean-up alternative. Something (I can't remember what at the moment) reminded me of this activity we did several months ago and I thought maybe the colorful goo would make the perfect finger paint. It's edible, easy to make, vibrantly colored, what more could I want?
I got the kids set up and turned them loose with their paint. Paisley loved it. To eat, that is. She ate almost all of what I put down for her to paint with. 
 Erik wasn't so sure about the goopy texture. He kinda smeared it around, but whined about the way it clumped onto his fingers. What you can't really tell from these pictures is that the colorful goop was pretty vibrant, but didn't transfer any of that colorfulness onto the paper. It hung onto that color for all it was worth. Great sensory material, but not so great for finger painting.
 So what to do with mountains of colorful goo? Use it for the intended purpose of course! I grabbed some zip seal sandwich baggies and threw globs of color into them. Seal the tops with duct tape and you're good to go!
 Paisley loved these. They're so much fun to squish around, although I had to watch her closely because she really wanted to chew on them. With her nice new sharp little teeth she'd have made pretty short work of the baggies.

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