Monday, April 22, 2013

Body Stickers

Remember last Monday how I said we were doing a theme that week all about our bodies? Well, here is the next installment in that theme. We chose to go with this activity for Paisley to help her start to become familiar with the names for all the different body parts. I knew there was no way I'd get her to hold still while I traced her (as I did with Erik), so this seemed like a good alternative. Basically you just stick a sticker on to a part of the baby's body, and then show them the sticker and say "look, there's a sticker on your <insert body part here>". You proceed to label other body parts and have a wonderful time. That's the idea anyways. Instead it goes something like this:
Place a sticker on baby's leg. Point to it and say "look there's a flower on your leg!"
 Next you say "ummm, let's not eat the stickers please. Seriously, get that thing out of your mouth. Okay fine, I'll get that thing out of your mouth!"
 You proceed to hold baby firmly and fish around in her mouth looking all over for the sticker (which is hiding on the roof of her mouth, next time look there first instead of the bottomless depths of the chubby adorable little cheeks) while she screams as if you were trying to rip her head off of her body.

Now you give up, put the stickers away, and break out the cheerios. Don't worry, you can always learn body parts tomorrow instead, right?

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