Monday, June 17, 2013

Squishy Ocean Bags

This is (I think) the last post I will do with Paisley in it. I had planned on doing a week with an ocean theme, but we only got as far as this one activity. Life just kinda took control and didn't leave me time to do all the things I had planned.
I got the idea for this one from here and here. Both of these are about the same and I can't remember which one I saw first so I might as well credit them both.

I made a few basic ocean shapes out of the foam sheets that we had leftover from our bath stickers and sticky story boards. Some real sea shells would be really fun for this as well, although you'd want to make sure they don't have sharp points.
I did a piece of coral, a starfish, a fish, and a shell. You could add a octopus or jellyfish or anything else you can dream up (and draw). The details are drawn on with a fine tip permanent marker. 
Next you put some water with a tiny drop of dish soap in a ziplock baggie and (after squeezing out all the extra air) seal it shut with some duct tape.
I turned the kids loose with these and they loved them. Erik liked hunting through the soap bubbles to find the shapes and Paisley preferred to just shake the heck out of hers. 

For being so easy to put together, this activity sure had a lot of entertainment value!

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