Thursday, September 13, 2012

Foam "Stickers"

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I saw an idea online (which I now can't find anywhere) for making your own bath stickers out of foam sheets and decided I had to give it a try. 

Let's gather our supplies:

I was able to pick up a pack of foam sheets at Walmart for pretty cheap, and I just sat and cut out a few shapes as Erik was playing in the bath. These will stick to any hard surface, so you can do this activity in the bath, on the fridge, on a window, etc...
 He wasn't really sure what to do at first, but he thought it looked like fun. I only did a few colors to start with, but the package came with 4-5 different colors, so I can add to the collection whenever I feel like it. Erik isn't an expert yet at sticking the shapes onto the tub wall, but he's working on it. 
 We tried this activity again a few days later, except I gave Erik a tiny bit of water on a plastic plate and showed him how to dip the shapes in the water before sticking them to the refrigerator. I think he enjoyed splashing in the water more than anything, but he did stick some to the fridge. I had to put a stop to the activity though, when I realized that he was pushing most of them under the fridge. I guess we'll just stick to the bath tub.
This activity is a great one for practicing those fine motor skills. You could also use it to talk about different shapes, colors, or even sizes. I made sure I had big and little sizes of each shape, and multiple colors of each also so that we can work on vocabulary with these as we want to. As Erik gets older, we could cut out ABC's, numbers, or anything else that we are working on at the time. I love how adaptable and simple this activity is!

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