Friday, September 21, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Paisley LOVES to be outside. She loves the sunshine, and a breeze in her face, and watching the world go by. We try to get outside fairly often; sometimes it's just a quick trip to the mail box, but we do try to get to the park at least once a week (although I've yet to remember to bring my camera).
All ready to walk to the mail box. 
Sometimes it's nice to have a change of scene and society. When we go to the park Paisley loves to lay on a blanket and look at the leaf covered tree branches waving away above her. All the other kids in our play group love to come over and tell her hello, and I think she's started to enjoy the extra attention.
Getting outside is really good for little ones, even when they're tiny. The sunshine (though you have to be EXTREMELY careful about limiting sun exposure) prompts your body to make vitamin D and the fresh air just makes you feel so good! Playing outside is a GREAT sensory experience. The baby gets to see, hear, smell, and touch so many new things. You can help draw the baby's attention to a particular stimulus and tell them what they are experiencing (Do you hear the fire truck? Do you see the bird? What does this rock feel like?) so they can start to put names to things. There are so many great learning and growing opportunities when you go outside! Want to learn more of the surprising benefits of outdoor play? Here's an interesting article I found today.


  1. My eye doctor told me that about 30 min a day of sunshine is really beneficial for developing eyes.

    1. That's cool, I didn't know that. All you ever hear is that sunshine is bad for your eyes, so it's nice to hear that it's not all the way bad!