Thursday, September 6, 2012

Magic Kleenex Box

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There are few things Erik loves more than pulling all the tissues out of the box, or all the wipes out of their container, or all the toilet paper off the roll, or all the garbage bags out of their box (I could go on with this list for a while!). So I started looking for a way to give him the same feeling without having to let him destroy my house.
I saw this idea and decided it would be perfect for Erik. 

Let's gather our supplies:
- Empty Kleenex box
-Scrap fabric
-Tape (I used packing tape)

I took the Kleenex box and cut a small slit in the bottom. Next, I took a pile of scraps of fabric and cut them into small pieces (strips, squares, triangles, whatever works for you) that I then tied together into one long strand. I threaded one end through the slit in the bottom of the box and taped it down with packing tape so it wasn't going anywhere, and viola! 
I stuffed all the fabric into the box, leaving just the end sticking out. Erik loves to sit and pull it all out and watch as the different colors and patterns of fabric go by. 
In addition to helping satisfy his need to undo everything in my house, this new toy also helps Erik build strength and precision in his fine motor skills. I would love to make another one of these using different types of fabrics so there would be variety of textures. That would really make it a super fun toy!

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