Thursday, September 12, 2013

Busy Beads

The next few posts (including this one) are of some simple "busy" activities I put together this summer. We spent a week staying with my in-laws so that we could be close enough to the hospital my mom was in for me to go help care for her during the days. This left Erik and his Daddy trying to fill the days by themselves as the in-laws were very busy with their local county fair. There was a lot going on and we needed some ideas to keep Erik's little fingers busy and out of trouble, so I put together a small box of activities for my guys to do while I was away all day. These are all pretty simple little activities that don't take much prep or detailed instructions, so they'll make for short posts, but that's okay. 

The idea for this one came from here. It's pretty simple, get some beads and some pipe cleaners and practice those fine motor skills while making gorgeous new jewelry for mommy. Erik needed a little help at first to hold the pipe cleaner steady, but it didn't take too long before he figured it out. 

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