Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Practice Pouring

We are finally settled in our own home, with the hubby loving his new job! We don’t have our internet hooked up yet (and since we may be changing housing set-ups in a few months anyways, we may not get internet here at all) so blogging is a bit tricky, but I hope to be more regular from now on. For now I’m going to shoot for once or maybe twice a week for posts, and we’ll see where we go from there.

Today’s post comes to you from the mind of a desperate mom whose boy wanted to be outside despite the blazing hot temperatures of summer in the desert southwest. In desperation I grabbed some pitchers of water, a few cups, and a hubby/photographer and we all headed out to the shade of the back porch for a little wet fun/learning.
Erik is pretty interested in being as independent as possible these days, so we’re working on some of the skills he needs to be able to do more things on his own. One of those things is pouring his own drinks.
I started out by demonstrating how to pour from a pitcher of water. This is tricky, because I’m strong enough to pour with one hand, and do so habitually, but he’s going to need to use two. So, I had to remember to use both hands and demonstrate good hand positioning to support the weight of the pitcher each time I poured. I've been trying to remember since this activity to always pour with two hands when he might be watching, but I’m not sure how good I do with that. 

 We finally got Erik’s hands positioned right, but then we had the problem of the cup getting knocked over by the stream of water, so I had to hold the cup while he poured. After that things worked great!

When I finally decided we’d wasted enough water and put the pitchers away, Erik still continued to practice pouring the water from cup to cup until it had all been spilled or drunk and there was nothing left to play with. We played outside for a few more minutes for our wet clothes to dry and then headed inside for lunch.
I love a good learning activity that is also engaging enough to help fill up a good chunk of our day if I want/need it to!

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