Friday, March 6, 2015

Chameleon Letter Craft

The other day Erik really wanted to paint, so we pulled out the water colors. I gave him a pile of blank papers to paint on, but he just kinda looked at them like he didn't know what to do with them. I started looking up coloring pages of his favorite movie characters on the internet and tracing them onto the papers for him to paint. Then, I realized this was a great way to add in something to do with our letter of the week. So, I grabbed the last paper and drew a large letter C on it.
 Surprisingly enough, he was just as excited to paint the C as he was to paint Mater and McQueen.
 After he was done painting, I realized we could use this as a base for our letter craft. So, using this idea as our base, we made a chameleon out of his colorful letter C. I think it's my favorite of all our letter crafts so far (you know, all 3 of them).
 Because Erik had never heard of or seen a chameleon, we got on youtube and watched a couple of fun little videos about them. We found this fun one of chameleons eating, and this one of them changing color. The really fun thing was an hour or two later when Erik was on the phone with his Grandma. He told her he'd made a picture of a chameleon, and Grandma (who had no idea how much, if any, time we'd spent actually learning about chameleons) started asking him questions about them. He was able to answer all her questions about chameleons without any help from me. It was fun to see how much he'd learned from such a simple activity.

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