Friday, February 5, 2016

Letter E Elephant Craft

For our letter E craft we took our inspiration from Anna at The Measured Mom. She has a ton of great letter of the week material, I highly recommend her site!
I knew I wanted to use her idea of turning the letter E into an elephant, but I also wanted to play around with this painting method, so we combined the two. 

First, let's gather our supplies:
Easter Eggs
I drew both an upper and a lower case letter E on some paper, as well as a trunk for our elephant. Then I set out the paint and some easter eggs for Erik to experiment with. 
 He was mildly interested in the stamping, but as always, it was only a matter of time until he switched over to finger painting. By the time he was done painting there were no traces of the stamping process left. Oh well.
 I cut out the pieces of our elephant and Erik helped glue them onto another sheet of paper. We came up with a sentence about our elephant, trying to incorporate as many e's as possible. We decided our elephant needed some easter eggs, so I drew some and Erik colored them. They got cut out and glued around our elephant.
 We added a couple of googly eyes (you could just cut some eyes out of paper if you prefer) and viola!

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