Wednesday, February 3, 2016


So I thought I ought to explain why I've been such a terrible blogger for a while now. For months now I've been operating in survival mode. I haven't felt well, and any time I had a spare moment that could have been used to blog in, I almost always chose to take a nap. Now, don't worry there wasn't anything seriously wrong with me, I was pregnant.
Now though, I no longer have that  problem. A few days before Christmas the newest member of our Playing to Learn crew arrived and (other than a severe lack of sleep) I am finally feeling like a human being again.I'd like to introduce you to Maren, our new little sweetie. She is a good baby (as if there was such a thing as a bad one) and her older siblings took to her right away.
 Life is slowly starting to settle in to a new normal and I'm hopeful that I'll be back into blogging again now on a fairly regular basis again.

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