Thursday, March 21, 2013

Playing with Paper

Hubby brought home a newspaper the other day, and we decided to have some fun with it once he was done reading it. I had an activity in mind for the paper but I need smaller pieces, so I turned Paisley loose with a pile of paper and let her explore it while I tore it up into a more usable size. It was fun to watch as Paisley worked her way through the pile. At first she just touched it to see what it felt like. It didn't take her too long to discover that it was easy to throw, and soon there were clouds of paper drifting through the air. 
 She thought tearing it like I was doing looked pretty interesting, so she gave that a try too. The paper made great noises for her enjoyment when she'd crawl on it, or tear it, or crinkle it in her hands. I let her explore until she decided that it was time to let her little taste buds get in on the game. Once she started trying to eat it I had to put it away.
I love that something as simple as a newspaper can create so much fun and learning for a little one! We didn't even start the "real" activity right then and we still had tons of fun.

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