Monday, February 3, 2014

Field Trip: Belen Rail Yard/ Train Station

One of Erik's obsessions right now is trains. He LOVES them! Just about anywhere we drive around here we see railroad tracks. We can hear the train whistles from our house. One of our favorite weekend activities is riding the local commuter train up to Albuquerque and seeing the sights up there. And when he can't talk us into taking him on the train for a ride, he will happily settle for going and sitting at the train station or near the rail yard to just sit and watch the trains go by. 
 It's really fun to take  few moments to go and explore Erik's interests together. We talk about what kinds of cars the trains are pulling, and what the cargo is that they are carrying. We count how many engines are on each train. When traffic is slow we watch the pigeons flying around or watch the railroad employees going about their work and talk about what their doing.
This is such a simple thing, and is completely free, but I feel like Erik gets so much out of it. What a fun way to spend a few minutes together and build vocabulary and other skills at the same time!

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