Thursday, August 18, 2016

TBT: Shaving Cream Free Play

Shaving cream is one of our favorite play materials. It's cheap, is versatile, and it's so much fun!
This spring Sharli had her first experience playing with shaving cream, and she had a blast. We started out with a big pile of plain shaving cream and I just left it there for her to explore with no further direction from me. 
 She wasn't too sure about this new weird goop at first...
 I added some drops of food coloring and that's all it took for her squeamishness to disappear. This girl lives for all things pretty!
 It didn't take very long before she was all in, and I mean ALL in. Too bad I didn't think to strip her to her diaper before starting this. Good thing it's pretty easy to clean up!

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