Friday, February 27, 2015

Baking Soda Bubbles

I found the idea for the great letter B science activity here, and while it's not anything ground breaking or new, it's still a fun one. Especially when you have a goofball like this to work with:
For your supplies, you'll need:
baking soda
dish soap
an empty bottle
a small bowl
a wash cloth
a funnel
a cake pan or cookie sheet to contain any spills

*Check the original website  for amounts and more detailed instructions

Erik loved helping me do the prep work. He is very interested in measuring, pouring, mixing, and just about anything that goes on in the kitchen. 

 This is just your classic baking soda/vinegar eruption, but when you add a cloth soaked in soapy water over the top of your container you get a surprise.
We played around with the soapy cloth for a while, then we just took it off and just played around with the baking soda and vinegar (and maybe a bit of food coloring...) 
Even Sharli (who does get to wear cute girly clothes more often then not, despite the fact that for some reason they never seem to make it into the pictures on our blog) really enjoyed watching what was going on. She was right there in her highchair the whole time observing our every move. And pigging out on crackers, but what's a good show without some munchies?

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