Monday, February 23, 2015

Letter B Butterfly Craft

 For our letter B craft we decided to use this idea as our inspiration. I wanted our letter B to look more like the letter would when found in a book or elsewhere in print, so we didn't use her printable. Instead I used my trick of finding a font I like in my word processor and copying the outline of the letter onto a paper. Also, I couldn't find my roll of contact paper, so we had to improvise. Let's gather our supplies:
-Sheet of plain paper
-Large letter B cut our of colored construction paper
-Black (or gray, or whatever you like) butterfly body cut out of construction paper
-Squares of tissue paper
-White glue

Start by gluing the B and the body to your paper.
 We used a marker to make up a simple sentence about our creation. I did this before we were finished because I didn't want to smash the tissue paper while writing.
Apply a light layer of glue (Erik helped me with the glue, so it wasn't quite as controlled as I wanted, but it worked) on your letter. Wrap a square of tissue paper around the end of the pencil and stick it on the glue.
 The idea was to do the entire B with the little tufts of tissue paper, but that was a lot of work for Erik's little fingers.
He eventually gave up and just stuck the squares of paper directly onto the paper, and that was just fine. This is HIS work of art after all. 
 When the B was completely covered in tissue paper squares we set our creation aside to dry and went outside to play. It now hangs proudly on the wall next to our Alligator A.

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