Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Books for the Letter B

We managed to find a good selection of books that work with the letter B. About half of them came from our public library and the other half came out of our Book Nook. It was fun to discover how many of our own books worked for this theme. If you need help coming up with books for the letter B, you can find some good lists here and here
I won't give you details about all the books, but I will highlight a few of our favorites. 

 How Will We Get to the Beach? is one of Erik's favorite books to borrow from the library. It details the struggles of a young mother who just wants to enjoy a day at the beach with her baby, but can't get there after her car breaks down. There is a fun element of hide and seek as you try to figure out which item is missing from each page.
 Bear and Bunny Grow Tomatoes was a fun read. It's the story of two neighbors each trying to grow a tomato garden with varying levels of success. Don't worry, everyone ends up with a good tomato harvest in the end, though maybe not as they thought it would all play out.
 Bunny my Honey is the sweet story of a mommy rabbit and her love for her baby bunny. The baby gets lost in the woods, but it all works out in the end thanks to his loving mommy.
I'm a Big Brother (and it's companion book, I'm a Big Sister) is a cute little book all about the good things that come along with having a new baby. We bought this book for Erik a few weeks before Sharli was born, and I think he really liked it. He didn't really get that the big brother in the book represented him until a few days after Sharli came home, but I still think it was worth the purchase. 

So there you have it, all our favorite books for learning the letter B. 

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