Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Letter "A" Alligator Craft

We found this cute alligator craft on and knew we wanted to give it a try. The directions here are easy to follow and come with free printables, so you can easily enjoy this one with us!
As I've mentioned before, I don't have a printer, so instead of using the printable, I found a font I liked in the word processor on my computer and traced the image from the screen onto a paper.
I cut a piece of green construction paper into strips and then gave them to Erik so he could cut the strips into little chunks. While he did that I cut circles for the eyes and triangles for the teeth. I also wrote the letter in in both upper and lower case and cut those out.
Erik helped glue everything together and we made up a sentence about our creation that had as many a's in it as I could manage to squeeze in.
What a fun way to learn a letter and it's sound, practice cutting (fine motor), and have fun with glue.

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