Thursday, January 15, 2015

TBT: Pom Poms!!!

I realized there are several different materials that we have gotten LOTS of mileage out of and thought it would be fun to share those with you in a series of Throw Back Thursday posts.

So for this week, here is a round up of ways to play with pom poms.

A good sized package of pom poms is pretty cheap, and can provide hours and hours of fun. For example, you can:

Dump them in a bowl and enjoy some free play (why is free play so awesome? Check this out)

Strengthen finger muscles by poking them into a home-made toy (bet you have the stuff to make it without having to leave your house)

Work on hand eye coordination by dropping them down a tunnel you can make yourself (again, bet you already have the supplies)

Build fine motor skills by pairing them with some contact paper.

Work on pre-operational math skills by sorting them according to color or size

Create a work of art by painting with them

Keep your little one busy and entertained (and out of your hair) by sticking a handful in an empty egg carton

Enjoy some sensory play when you use them to create a sensory bin

Teach new vocabulary to your baby as you discover what "soft" or "fuzzy" means

How have you and your kiddos played with pom poms? Leave a comment so we can join in the fun too!

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