Monday, January 5, 2015

Candy Cane Can Stilts

So you remember our candy cane striped tape resist art? 
Remember I said I wanted it for another project? Well, today is the day you get to see my favorite of all our Christmas activities. We made can stilts! I was sitting looking at the growing stack of infant formula cans that was piling up in my kitchen and all the sudden I remembered this activity and knew these would be perfect. I used a nail to poke two holes in each can (one hole on each side of the can) then ran a length of string through the holes. Tie the ends of the strings together to make loops and there you go!
 Now, to be honest, this may have been a bit above Erik's ability level, but he has been determined to figure these things out. I've never seen him work so hard at something before! It's been impressive to watch his tenacity as he figures out how to balance, coordinate hand and foot movements, and just have fun.
I do think I got the strings a bit too short, they probably should come up to about his waist, but they work well enough for us.

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  1. I am VERY impressed that Erik could do this. He must be very co-ordinated.