Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Letter Stomp

I saw this idea on Pinterest, but wanted to adjust it to work for one letter at a time. Here's what I came up with. 
First, let's gather our material:
    We used painter's tape, a small cube shaped box, and some blank paper. 

I started by writing the letter A on six different pieces of paper, three as uppercase and three as lowercase. Tape these papers on to the box to make a giant die. 
Next I used the tape to make a bunch of a's all over the living room floor. I handed Erik the dice and let him roll it. Then he had to jump on either a lower or upper case A, whichever one he rolled. 
This was a really good way to learn the difference between the upper and lower case, while also working on gross motor skills at the same time. Both throwing the dice and jumping on the letters count as gross motor and are really good for your kiddo. 
It was also great fine motor practice for Sharli, who was working as fast as she could to pull up all the tape on the floor. Maybe it was her revenge for my letting her look like a homeless ragamuffin that day... 

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