Monday, May 15, 2017

Flour Finger Painting

 Sharli and I had a Saturday afternoon to fill while our guys went fishing. I wanted to bake some bread, but wasn't too excited about little fingers "helping". I put Sharli in her highchair and sprinkled some flour on a cookie sheet for her to have. She thought it was great!
 I let her just draw in the flour with her fingers for a while, and that kept her busy for several minutes. When that started to lose it's appeal and grabbed one of the tooth brushes that was left on the counter from our coin cleaning activity a few days before and let her see what happened with that.
 By the time my bread dough was ready to rise Sharli was covered in flour from head to toe. She had a marvelous time and I got to get some work done so it was a win for us both!
This wasn't the first time we've done this activity in our house, and each time it's been a hit! Here is Erik doing the same thing when he was little (also while I was baking bread...).

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