Monday, January 7, 2013

Flour Finger Art

Happy Monday everyone! Today's activity is brought to you by the letter F. Actually, it is brought to you from this handy website that I've gotten quite a few fun ideas from. This one was so quick and easy to put together, although it did require a bit of clean up afterwords.

Just sprinkle some flour over a dark colored baking sheet, and viola! You're ready to go. I started by letting Erik just explore and get used to the texture of the flour. That got a little messy though. So I helped him hold the sheet in his lap, and showed him how to draw designs with his fingers.
 He LOVED this activity, and would've kept going all day until all the flour in the house was on the floor around him. This was especially fun today because I was making bread so we were both working with flour and he got to feel like he was involved in what I was working on. When we were done making a mess creating beautiful works of art, I set the baking sheet up out of reach and Erik and I stepped out onto the front porch for a quick dusting off. Then we came back in and he held the dustpan for me while I swept up the last remnants of our fun.
As we were drawing our little swirls in the flour, it occurred to me that this would be a fun way for an older child to practice writing his ABC's. You could also use a paint brush or other tools to move and shape the flour. This is a great way for a child to use his senses while creating a unique work of art, and also helps them with their fine motor control.

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