Monday, January 14, 2013

Barn Yard Matching Game

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This game is basically the same thing as our Nativity Matching Game we did during Christmas. All you need are some farm animal toys and a book with pictures of the same types of animals. 
We love doing this game with this particular book because most of the animals are the same color as our toys. 
Sit with your child and help them find the toy animal that matches the one in the picture you are looking at. To help cement the connection in their mind you can find the toy's nose, and then the nose of the animal in the picture. Talk about the sounds the animal makes. 
 One thing I love about doing activities like this is that they help Erik make connections between the things he sees in his books and real life objects. Since we got these little farm animals Erik is obsessed with any book he finds with animals in it. He loves to find a cow and says "moo" as soon as he sees one. Anything I can do to help nurture a love of books and reading in my son is important to me. I want him to love them as much as I do.

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