Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Mile in Mom's Shoes

One thing that I really love about all the activities off of Productive Parenting is that for the most part you don't need any special materials to make them work. No last minute run to the store for supplies, you just get to have fun. Take today's activity for example:
All I did was give Erik a pile of shoes, and let him go to town. It was really fun to watch him pick through them all and decide which ones to try on first, and it was even more fun to watch him try to get some of them on.
Which ones to wear first?!
He's actually trying to put my shoe on MY foot. He thought at first that we were getting ready to go outside to play, and he knew I wouldn't go out that door until we both had shoes on. 
He finally caught on to what we were doing though. 
Erik loves trying to walk in our shoes. He loves trying to lift the weight of the heavy shoes, and trying to figure out how to balance while walking in them. This is such a great way to build up those leg muscles!
How's a kid supposed to get his toes in these things, they're so darn tall! 

I did it!

One of the biggest things a child is working on with this activity is balance. Make sure you're there to catch them if they topple over. 
 It was cute to see how proud Erik was of himself when he managed to take some steps in a big pair of shoes. Such a great confidence booster!

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