Friday, January 11, 2013

Mountain Climbing

This idea is basically a mini version of this activity that we did with Erik a while back. Now that Paisley is crawling, that opens up a while new world of adventure and exploration for her. I thought it might be fun to give her a new way to work on her gross motor abilities, so I grabbed the pillows off my bed and we had a ball.
 I placed an interesting looking toy on the other side of the pillow from Paisley and then clapped and cheered as she worked her way over the obstacle to get to it.
So close!
So much joy and excitement over a little string of pearls. 
I actually have to admit that I made the mistake of starting this off a little too hard for Paisley. I used multiple pillows to make a pyramid for her to climb, but it was just too hard and intimidating. She sorta gave it a try but VERY quickly lost interest. I caught on to what she was trying to tell me after a few minutes and removed all but one of the pillows and things got much better from there. Moral of the story: while it is good to challenge your children, if you make it too hard it doesn't do anyone any good. We'll have to work up to a pyramid of pillows, but for now, one is plenty for Paisley.

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