Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bouncing Baby?

When Erik was little, he LOVED to stand on the floor or on our laps and jump up and down. When I saw this idea I thought it would be perfect for Paisley. Surely she'd love it as much as Erik did. What you do is hold your baby's hands/arms while they are sitting on the floor and help them pull up into a standing position. From there, you're supposed to encourage the baby to bounce (or jump as we always said with Erik, though I guess bounce is technically more accurate), which helps build their legs muscles and balance. 
Sorry this pic's a little blurry, my camera is giving me fits lately!
Paisley so far is not interested in bouncing. She loves to stand, but that's it. So basically we just turned this into an activity to practice pulling up. I'd hold her hands while she pulled up, and then after a few minutes I'd sit her back down and we'd start over again. She loved it, but it just wasn't quite what I'd envisioned.
I do want to try this again soon except this time I want to add music and encourage Paisley to move with the music. Maybe that will get her bouncing.

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