Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Helping Hands

Toddlers are just dying to do whatever the big people are doing. Everything I do, I have a little shadow right behind me. While I have to admit this can be frustrating, I try really hard to keep it positive. As long as he WANTS to be mopping the floor, cooking, vacuuming, sweeping, doing dishes, etc I might as well encourage him to do it. It would be silly to wait until he's big enough to be helpful, and maybe less interested, to start teaching him how to do these daily housekeeping chores. You've already seen him getting involved in cooking dinner, but here a few more ways he likes to help out around the house. One that I don't have pictures of is him scrubbing the floor. I think that's his favorite.

If you want to help your kiddo get involved in things like scrubbing the bathroom (or any other job usually associated with harsh cleaners), it's a good idea to look into gentle cleaners that are safe on a baby's soft skin. I make home made cleaners (using mainly vinegar and baking soda) that work great, and I didn't have to worry for a second when Erik decided to get involved in scrubbing the oven. 
Obviously, you get a little free labor out of this one (although remember, you get what you pay for) but there are some other benefits as well. Depending on the job you two are doing, your toddler may be learning/practicing hand-eye coordination, building both large and small muscles, learning new words to add to his vocabulary, building his self worth as he becomes a more integral part of the family and helps with important jobs, and experiences the sensory wonderland of sights, smells, and sounds that come along with every day tasks.

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