Friday, October 19, 2012

Creeping and Crawling

Paisley is SO close to crawling, it's driving her crazy. It's like she knows what to do but can't quite get her body to go along with her. The funny thing is she somehow manages to move all over the place anyways, but none of the adults in her life have caught her in the act. You put her down to play on the floor, step out of the room for a minute, and when you come back she's several feet away from where she started. This only happens when nobody's looking however, so we don't know exactly how she does it. My theory is teleportation :)

We are all anxious to catch Paisley in the act of doing whatever it is she's doing, so to that end today I was trying everything I could think of to induce her to move. I put her on her tummy on the floor and arranged interesting looking toys just out of reach. She'd stretch and wiggle and try really hard, but she never did go for it. 

That doesn't mean that this activity was a flop though. Just having tummy time encourages Paisley to work those muscles that she's going to need to crawl and sit up unsupported successfully. Providing her with interesting things to look at encourages visual development. I was on my tummy on the floor nearby trying to draw Paisley's attention to the different toys, so she was getting some good social interaction. All in all, we managed to squeeze a fair amount of "work" into a few minutes unplanned playing on the floor.

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