Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby Friendly Halloween Craft

 Happy Halloween! I'm sure everyone has a fun day planned today. I thought I'd share the little craft we did yesterday in honor of Halloween. I really wanted something that we could do with both Erik and Paisley, and I found this idea online. I wish I'd had better paper to do it on than just printer paper, but oh well, it works.
Erik made his to send to his grandparents, and Paisley's is going to her mommy and daddy when they come to get her this afternoon.

These were super easy to make, although I will admit I wasn't willing to tackle 2 paint covered babies at once. I did one baby's hand prints while the other was asleep. I mixed up my red and yellow finger paints to make orange (word of warning it really only takes ONE drop of red to turn a huge pile of yellow orange. Don't over do the red) and then stripped the baby down to their diaper and went for it. I only did one hand at a time and rinsed it off before starting the next one to minimize paint getting everywhere. With Erik I kinda smeared his prints a little to help make them more pumpkiny. Let the paint dry over night, and then use a sharpie to draw on the faces and there you have it!

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