Friday, October 12, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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This is something that Erik really loved to do when he was little. I don't remember where I originally found the idea, but if it came from somewhere it was probably my What to Expect; The First Year book. I recently was reminded of this activity on Productive Parenting
I got Paisley all set up in the Bumbo seat and propped a mirror against the wall. It took her a second to figure out why I had her pointed towards the corner, but once she did she loved it! 
What are you looking at?
Playing with a mirror like this is really good for a baby. It gives them someone else to talk to and socialize with. It helps them become self aware, and as they do become self aware, it helps them learn the results of their motions. Here's a little blurb about the "magic" in a mirror.
Paisley really loved talking to herself in the mirror. It was super cute!

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