Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Reading Fun: Truck Stop

 The first week of our Summer Reading Playgroup I based our activities around a transportation theme. I used Sharli's favorite book, Truck Stop by Anne Rockwell, as my inspiration. Really though, these activities would work with any book about things that go.
 I didn't get many pictures this week because I was too busy wrangling kids, but I'll post link to the websites I got my ideas from and you can go there to see more pictures and get more detailed instructions.

We started out by making play dough cars, using this fun idea.
Next I covered my table with a roll of white wrapping paper from the dollar store and let the kids paint with cars and trucks. We haven't done this since Erik was little, so it was fun to give it another shot. The kids loved it.

 For our sensory play, we had a toy car wash. I had our kiddie pool, half filled with water, waiting out on the back porch. We took the paint covered kids and cars outside and let them splash in the water until everyone and everything had all the paint washed off. I even tossed in some toothbrushes (also from the dollar store) for anyone who wanted to really scrub their cars.

The kids had so much fun splashing in the water, and then eating some "truck tires" that we never did get around to doing the Gross Motor game I had planned. Here's a link to the idea in case you want to give it a try. Or you could let the kids make steering wheels out of paper plates and let them "drive" all over the house or yard.

Here are a few more books that fit this theme that we've really enjoyed, click the image to learn more about each book:

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