Friday, July 7, 2017

Word Jump; Spelling Word Practice

 As I mentioned before, I been trying to compile a list of fun ways to practice spelling words. We do a lot of sitting and writing words over and over, and that has its place and its benefits, but that gets so boring. When we get to the point where there are just a few words on the list that Erik just isn't getting, I try to find a way to get more excitement into the learning to finish off the list.
On this day, I wrote each word on a piece of construction paper and then taped them to the floor with masking tape. This gave us several ways to play with the words to help Erik learn them. Here are a few ideas:
- Call out a color and the child has to spell the word on that color of paper before they can jump on it.
-Jump from word to word, saying or spelling each one as you jump to it.
-Spell a word aloud and have your child jump onto that word as they read it.
Yep, this is real life. There's a week's worth of clean laundry on my couch and I'm not even trying to hide it. But Erik passed his spelling test the next day, and in clean clothes too, so I count this day as a success.
You can also include younger siblings in the fun by treating this more like a color wheel. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

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