Friday, February 8, 2013

Crawling Obstacle Course

Paisley is getting so good at getting around independently so  I decided it was time to make things a little more challenging. I want her to develop her gross motor abilities and gain a sense of accomplishment for having completed a hard task. Taking my inspiration from here, I created a small obstacle course for her to work her way through. 
I started with Mountain Climbing again, since that was already familiar. 
 This time though, I added a tunnel!. Paisley took a little time warming up to the idea. She'd sit and look through it at me (who was offering toys and anything else I could think of as encouragement) and you could tell she wanted to get to the other side, she just didn't want to go through it.
 A couple of times she started and then decided that it wasn't for her. Too dark and scary...
 Finally though, she got up enough courage and went for it. She was so excited and proud of herself! It was really cute.
Next time we'll add some stacks of blocks she has to either push over or negotiate her way around. She's going to be an expert at obstacle courses!

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