Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Discovering Textures; Sticky

I've seen ideas for sticky tables/activities all over Pinterest. I finally grabbed a roll of contact paper last time I went shopping and we decided to give it a try. Despite all the fun ideas of making DIY sticky tables and boxes, we decided to take our inspiration from "Child Central Station" and go for a sticky spot on the floor. In the end I was glad I went this route. 
I put the contact paper sticky side up on the floor and taped it down with Duct tape. I have to admit I've never worked with contact paper before (except for rare occasions as a kid when my mom used it for something, but that doesn't count) so my expectations were not quite realistic. I was expecting something WAY stickier. Erik and Paisley weren't disappointed though. 
 I had envisioned them sticking toys and things to the contact paper and building their little muscles while they pulled them off and stuck them back on again. In reality, there were very few toys that actually stuck to the paper. Most everything just brushed right off with the slightest touch. We tried to stick some little felt shapes I had to the paper, and while they sort of stuck, they didn't stick hard enough to keep Paisley from pulling them off and trying to eat them.

Paisley's socks sure stuck though. Any time she'd crawl across it one or both of her socks would get left behind. I finally quit putting them back on her after each time. 
  While the contact paper may not have turned out to be great for making toy collages, it did give the littles a chance to discover "sticky" and to explore it. They both had a super great time!

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