Friday, February 15, 2013

What we were up to this week...

Sometimes it seems like I just have more activities waiting to be blogged about than I know what to do with. I seem to be able to find all the time in the world to get things typed up. Everything goes perfectly. And then other weeks, for no apparent reason I suddenly can't seem to find a second to get anything done on here. That doesn't mean we aren't doing things, it just means they aren't new to the blog, or I forget to take pictures, or I just don't have the time to sit and type.
So what have we been up to this week?
We spent a morning at the public library for their Tiny Tots Story Time. We got to listen to several stories about valentines day and then Erik got to make a valentine for his daddy. Paisley was too busy flirting with all the cute baby boys to give any thought to making valentines.
We went to meet up with our friends at the park for our weekly play group. It was a little cool, but we bundled up and enjoyed being outside for a few minutes.
We've spent lots of time practicing all the fun skills we're learning right now such as climbing. Paisley spent a lot of time trying to climb everything in sight, which went along great with the fact that Erik's big thing this week has been throwing the couch cushions on the floor. Great except he sometimes leaves them in a way that Paisley can use them as a stepping stone to get up on the couch. They're just trying to keep me on my toes.
Okay, which dumb computer person decided that the red eye removal tool in the Window photo viewer shouldn't carry over to the newer versions of windows?!
We've been revisiting some of our past activities. We tried out the tug-a-toy idea again, and I think I may have figured out how to make it work. I just have to give Erik a toy that they both really want, and the tug-a-toy commences. :)
We fun-sized our mixing bowl fun by giving Erik and Paisley my whole basket of measuring cups to explore. I was trying to get some cooking done and they were not being very supportive of that activity. So, in desperation I surrendered the measuring cups and they didn't bug me again for quite a while.
Finally, today we tried out an activity I've been looking at on Pinterest, and while it wasn't a great success, it wasn't a total flop either. It was supposed to be today's Paisley post, but I decided to give it another try and write about it in a day or two. Tune in next week to see what it was!

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