Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nature Collage

For Family Home Evening (more info here) this week we decided to take advantage of the nice(ish) weather and get outside. We wandered along through the neighborhood and enjoyed the beauty of the world around us. Spring is just getting going around here, and it's great. The daffodils are blooming, the trees are budding out, and it's just so nice to feel that springy feeling in the air.
As we walked along, we made sure to notice the little details in the world around us. Erik loves rocks, so we ended up with a good pile of the ones he thought were pretty. We picked up leaves and pine needles, blew the seeds off the dandelions, threw rocks in a pond and watched the splashes and ripples.  It was really fun!
When we came home we wanted a way to help Erik remember our little outing, so we used this idea I found on Pinterest, and made a fun collage to hang in our window. I won't post instructions since they're on the original post, but it's super easy, give it a try!

We finished off the evening watching a short video on creating things, since we had been admiring the creations of our Heavenly Father and creating something of our own. 

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