Monday, February 4, 2013

Mastering Mundane Monday Morning Mommy Madness

Wow, say that three times fast. Or even once.
I love the weekends. It's so nice to have hubby home during the day and to get to do things together. Even if you don't do anything special, it's just nice to have a break from the doldrums of day to day life. We had a very nice weekend, starting with the groundbreaking for a new building for our church Saturday morning. Then we hit the hardware store and picked up supplies to do a fun project while Erik took his nap. Sunday was church and a going away party for some of our dear friends who are moving tomorrow. We came home and finished off the evening by enjoying our current favorite TV show (any Downton Abbey fans out there?).
And then I woke up this morning. And life was back to normal. Changing poopy bums, wiping boogery noses, trying to stuff spoonfuls of messy food into uninterested mouths. I was sitting and watching Erik and Paisley playing and just feeling kinda bored. If I try to read a book Erik either rips it out of my hands, rips the pages, or just climbs into my lap with a book of his own. If I try to cook I have a baby hanging on each leg. Crafty things like crochet or embroidery are out of the question. Housework, with two babies tagging along, are you nuts? I knew I needed to do something before the cabin fever took over completely.
Then Erik came up with the perfect solution. He came over and asked for some music. He LOVES music and so we keep a CD of fun music in our DVD player all the time so that when Erik asks we can just hit play and it's ready to go. We switch out the CD every couple of days so we (meaning the grown-ups, I don't think Erik cares) don't lose our minds. I got up and hit the button and the music started. Pretty soon Erik was dancing away (he's pretty funny, if you're interested in seeing him dance, you can check it out here). That made me giggle, which started to shake off the bored haze in my brain. Then he came over and wanted me to dance. Why not? I scooped him up and we twirled around the floor. A few minutes later it was Paisley's turn and she and I dodged Erik as we two-stepped across the room.
Don't judge me because of my son's outfit. He picked out his clothes today, not me. 
This only lasted maybe five minutes tops, but it was enough. The spell was broken and I remembered why I love doing what I do. My life hasn't changed. The remainder of the morning involved plenty more poop and boogers and messes made, but it was okay. Are you stuck in the day-to-day doldrums, or suffering from Mundane Monday Morning Mommy Madness? If so, maybe you should try taking a page out of our book and kick up your heels. Maybe it will help to put a smile on your face, and maybe even build some fun memories. Don't like to dance? What do you do to shake the blues?

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