Thursday, January 22, 2015

TBT: Foam Craft Sheets

In case you missed last week's Throw Back Thursday post, I am doing a series of posts highlighting some of my favorite and most used materials. Last week was Pom Poms, but for this week I'm showcasing ways to use foam sheets to put together lots of fun activities for your kiddo.

We have used our foam sheets  A LOT and I love coming up with new things to do with them. You can cut them into any shape you want or need just like you would paper, but they are so much more durable. This makes them ideal for activities where you need something easy for little fingers to manipulate but strong enough to hold up to some abuse. And they're super cheap, so that's always a plus! Here are some of the ways we've played with them:

Learn shapes and colors with these fun DIY bath stickers

Create some fun pictures with a Sticky Story Board (here's another way to enjoy this, and here's how to take this idea on the road)

Practice Hand-Eye coordination with these fun DIY lacing cards

Have some sensory play fun with this Ocean in a Bag

Teach your child how to spell their name with this cute Christmas Tree

Practice one-to-one number correspondence with your preschooler with this fun counting wall

Did I miss any awesome way to use these things? Let me know in the comments!

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